Public Parks and Boats Ramps to Remain Open Until Midnight for THE INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION on SATURDAY, 30 JUNE 2012

Pearl River Valley Water Supply regulations prohibit the use of public parks, boat ramps, and other properties after hours posted at those facilities. Many of those facilities are posted to be closed at sunset; some are posted to be closed at sunset unless engaged in fishing activities. Due to the increased activity expected on the water on SATURDAY, 30 JUNE 2012, all parks and boat ramps will remain open until midnight.

Please use these facilities, leave only your footprints, and be prepared for the parks to be closed at midnight that night.

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April 18, 2012

Lane Closure on Bob Anthony Parkway

On Thursday, April 19, 2012, a section of the right lane of the lower road of the Bob Anthony Parkway, also known as Spillway Road, will be closed due to roadwork activities. A section from the Pearl River bridge to Reservoir Park Drive will be closed. The lane closure is scheduled to begin at approximately 7:00 a.m. The lane will be reopened upon completion of the work. While it is anticipated that the lane will be reopened before 4:00 p.m., drivers should be aware that this lane will not reopened until the work is completed.

Drivers should plan ahead and expect delays. Please be careful, slow down and respect the workers in this area.

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The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District (PRVWSD) would like your help in evaluating the District’s outdoor public facilities. In particular, the public is asked to provide feedback on the conditions that may limit accessibility for persons with disabilities. The results of the evaluation will be used to develop a plan to improve ease of access at the District’s facilities.

The evaluation is focused on outdoor facilities. The locations that are being evaluated include sidewalks, multi-use paths, campgrounds, parks, piers, public parking lots, and boat launches. A listing of the facilities and their locations are provided below.

The public is invited to provide comments regard accessibility in writing to the PRVWSD c/o Neel-Schaffer, Inc.,1230 Hwy 51 North, Madison, MS 39110 or by telephone at 601-898-8118. In order to be considered in evaluation, comment must be received by December 12, 2011. E-mail comments will be accepted at: Please include the phrase “Accessibility Evaluation” in the subject of e-mail messages.

PRVWSD Public Facilities

Multi-use paths: Spillway Rd (Ridgeland to Hwy 471)
MS Hwy 471 (Spillway Rd to North Shore Pkwy)
North Shore Pkwy (Spillway Rd to Hwy 471)
Post Rd (Old Trace Park to Yacht Club)
Fannin Circle (North Shore Pkwy to Fannin Landing)
Botanical Gardens, 2230 Spillway Rd, Brandon

Campgrounds: Timberlake,143 Timberlake Dr, Brandon
Goshen Springs, 4248 Hwy 43 N, Rankin Co.
Coal Bluff, 1107 Coal Bluff Rd, Lena
Low Head Dam, 1190 Park Rd, Lena
Leake County Water Park, 1190 Park Rd, Lena

Parks, Boat Launches Brown’s Landing, Hwy 43, Madison Co.
& Piers: Fannin Landing, Fannin Landing Cir, Rankin Co.
Goshen Springs Ramps, Hwy. 43, Rankin Co.
Hwy 43 Pier, Hwy 43, Rankin Co.
Hwy 471 Ramp & Pier, Hwy 471, Rankin Co.
Lakeshore Park, North Shore Pkwy, Brandon
Madison Landing, Madison Landing Cir, Ridgeland
Old Trace Park, Post Rd, Ridgeland
Pelahatchie Shore Park, North Shore Pkwy, Brandon
Pipeline Rd. Ramps, Rankin Co.
Rankin Landing, Spillway Rd
Ratliff Ferry, Madison Co.
Safe Harbor Ramp, Hwy 43, Rankin Co.
Spillway Rd Ramps, Spillway Rd below dam
Ramps & Parks in the following subdivisions:
Audubon Point, Bay Park, Forest Point, Harbor View,
Lake Harbor, Turtle Creek, Waterwood, Twin Harbors

Other Facilities: District Office, Madison Landing Cir, Ridgeland
District Maint. Facility/ Reservoir Patrol Office, 100 Reservoir Park Dr, Brandon